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About P31 Cattle Company

Hi y'all! My name is Ashley Wollett, owner of P31 Cattle Company. I knew at a young age that I wanted to raise beef cattle when I grew up and have a place in the agriculture industry. At three years old I began exhibiting livestock at my county 4-H show. I've always loved animals but my involvement in 4-H helped that love grow even deeper. Wanting to follow in my Granddaddy's footsteps, I started showing cattle off of his farm. This is when I fell in love with the cattle industry and the people in it. Helping my Granddaddy with his herd of cows when I was a little girl was and still is my happy place. 

While in college, my father encouraged me to buy my first herd of cows. Knowing I had a dream to own cattle and raise a family around the agriculture industry, I took the leap. In May 2021, I bought my first herd and started P31 Cattle Company. Currently, P31 offers individual cuts of freezer beef and bulk beef packages, bred cows, replacement heifers, feeder steers, and custom cattle services.

I love being a cattle producer and getting to feed my family with beef that I raised. I hope to bridge the gap between consumers and producers and always advocate for our farmers and ranchers. I also want my customers to enjoy quality beef while knowing their rancher and where their food came from.

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