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What does P31 stand for?

Everyone has been asking....... SO, what does P31 stand for?

P31 stands for Proverbs 31. When trying to figure out what to name my farm, I wanted something unique, meaningful, and a name that would represent a woman owned and operated business well. Proverbs 31:10-31 tells us about women who honor God and their characteristics: she does not wait to be served but instead rises early, she engages in business and delegates tasks, she is energetic and hardworking, does not suffer from laziness, and fears the Lord.

As Christians we often talk about being a Proverbs 31 woman- and that is what I strive to be in my personal life and as a businesswoman. I also named my farm P31 with the vision of ministry in mind. Almost every time I meet a new customer or use P31 Cattle Company in conversation, I get asked "What does P31 mean?". This gives me a chance to share about the Lord and those verses in the bible.

I had a lot of help from summer internship friends while in college to create this name and I'm so happy with P31 Cattle Company and the story it tells!

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