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Bulk Beef Packages- 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Cow
  • Total price for 1/4 package- $1,000

    Total price for 1/2 package- $1,900

    Total price for whole cow- $3,700 

    * Beef will be ready for pick up mid to late November * 


    * If you would like to purchase the 1/2 beef package, please add this item twice *

    If you would like to purchase a whole please call or text Ashley directly at 252-904-7231


    A whole cow yields roughly 300-400 lbs of meat depending on the size of the animal. A quarter will have roughly 80-100 lbs. Ground beef will be in 1 lb packages and steaks will be cut approximately 1 inch thick, unless discussed otherwise. 


    Pricing includes transportation to slaughterhouse, slaughter fees, and packaging. All beef is USDA inspected, dry aged, frozen, and in individual vacuum sealed packs.

    * Pick up will be at Flower's Slaughterhouse in Sims, NC * 


    After paying the deposit, Ashley will reach out to go over the cut sheet with you and any preferences you have. Remaining balance will be due by October 23rd and prior to picking up the beef. 


    Packages will include the following but is subject to change based on the size of the animal: 

    T-Bone (OR NY strip & Filet), Ribeye, Sirloins, Rump Roast, Chuck Roast, Round/Cubed Steak, Arm Roast, Beef Ribs, Stew Beef, Soup Bones, Ground Beef, Flank/Skirt, Brisket (cut in half for the quarter package). 

    Bulk Beef Packages- 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Cow

    Sales Tax Included
    • Total payment is due no later than October 23rd and prior to beef pick up- deposit is non refundable and failure to pay the remaining balance will result in loss of package and deposit. 

      This is a perishable product, so it should be refrigerated or frozen properly to prevent spoilage. Cuts are subject to change based on size of the animal and carcass weight.

      Must pick up from Flowers Slaughterhouse in Sims, NC. Ashley will call after final payment is received to confirm your beef is available for pick up.

      Upon purchase you're agreeing to have read these terms and conditions.  

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